Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a required planning document the MPO must compile, adopt, and maintain. The TIP is essentially a short range planning document that covers a period of four years. This document lists any project that will expend federal dollars on transportation related projects. This includes but isn’t limited to, multi-use trails, sidewalks, new capacity projects, bridges, transit funding (both capital and operating), safety projects, and resurfacing (pavement preservation). Each project listed in the TIP is financially feasible and includes a plan of implementation towards construction/completion. The TIP follows an adoption timeline that mirrors the Arkansas Department of Transportation’s (ARDOT) Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) schedule. In each TIP, you will find verbiage related to federal/state statutes, as well as a list of projects, funding sources, amounts, and a year for when the project is likely to receive funding. Please see below for the most recent TIPs.

Annual Listing of Obligated Projects

In addition to the TIP, MPO’s are required to publish a list of projects that were obligated or projects that recieved federal dollars in the previous federal fiscal year. This list is known as the Annual Listing of Obligated Projects (ALOP). The ALOP will highlight which projects recieved funding, how much, and any reasons for significant delays on projects. Per federal statute, MPO’s have three (3) months to publish an ALOP after the previous federal fiscal year has closed. Therefore, the ALOP is published prior to December 31st every year. Please see below for the recent ALOPs.