West Central Arkansas Planning and Development District, Inc. (WCAPDD) is Administrative Entity for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in the ten county area. WCAPPD is responsible for selecting a provider(s) to provide youth services within our area. The process selected will be a Request for Proposal or Request for Qualification. Once the proposals are submitted, the Local Workforce Development Board (LWDB) will make the selection(s) of the agency(s) to be awarded the subcontract(s). Currently, the LWDB has selected West Central Arkansas Career Development Center Systems, Inc. (WCACDCS) to serve as the youth provider for all ten counties.

This is a year-round youth program geared toward providing eligible youth ages 16 through 24 with assistance in achieving academic and employment success.  Activities may include a variety of options for improving educational and skill competencies, as well as providing effective connections to employers. Ongoing mentoring opportunities, paid and unpaid work experience and alternative school services may be available. Training and supportive services may be provided to eligible youth. Activities that provide opportunities for leadership, personal development, decision-making, citizenship, and community service may be an integral part of the services provided.

For more information please visit  www.youthemploymentservice.net.