When your community achieves the status of being a Certified Work Ready Community, it demonstrates to employers, location consultants, investors, and decision makers that your area has a strong economic foundation. This cetifications serves as evidence of your community’s ability to provide a skilled and qualified workforce. By becoming a Work Ready Community, you can enjoy several advantages that come along with this recongnition.


By actively engaging in ACT Work Ready Communities (ACT WRC), you contribute to the betterment of both your company and your community as a whole. ACT WRC plays a vital role in assisting job seekers in your region by providing them with insights into the skills that employers, like yourself, seek in candidates. Additionally, it aids local educators in equipping students with the necessary tools for success. Your support as an employer and your recognition of the value of an ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) are highly valued and needed.


If you’re contemplating your future educational path, embarking on a new professional journey, or undergoing a transition within your current job, the ACT® WorkKeys® assessment system is a valuable resource. WorkKeys encompasses a comprehensive set of assessments and curriculum designed to cultivate and evaluate vital workplace skills. These skills not only impact your job performance but also enhance your prospects for career progression and offer more opportunities for career changes. With WorkKeys, you can attract the attention of employers, broaden your options for career shifts and advancement, and align your skills with sought-after professions. Adult job seekers may work toward an Arkansas Career Readiness (CRC) Certificate, which covers basic workplace skills in Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information. 


Being an educator is more demanding than ever before. Guarantee that your students are prepared for their careers and enhance their chances of employability by utilizing the WorkKeys suite.

WorkKeys encompasses a set of assessments and educational resources designed to cultivate and evaluate critical workplace skills. These skills have a direct impact on job performance and can open doors to career transitions and progress. By completing the assessments, students have the opportunity to earn the esteemed National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®).