Educator Benefits

Firstly, it enhances graduates' employment prospects by demonstrating essential workplace skills valued by employers, increasing their chances of being hired. Secondly, WorkKeys provides students with a clear incentive to approach coursework seriously, as they recognize the direct link between academic efforts and future career success. Additionally, the system improves students' achievements in entry-level and subsequent jobs by equipping them with necessary job skills, enhancing their readiness for the workforce and overall professional success. Moreover, WorkKeys aligns curricula with sought-after job skills, ensuring students are well-prepared for their desired careers and meeting industry demands. Lastly, it serves as a valuable workforce development tool, assessing and enhancing workplace skills to ensure all workers remain competitive and adaptable in a changing job market.


  • Graduate Hires
  • Taking Coursework Seriously
  • Student Success
  • Aligns Curricula
  • "No Worker is Left Behind"