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The Hot Springs Area Metropolitan Planning Organziation (MPO) has a new name; Tri-Lakes Metropolitan Planning Organization.  The organization's Policy Board made amendments to the by-laws at it's meeting held on July 11, 2013 to change the MPO's name.  The name change more accurately reflects the organzation's regional service area that includes Garland County, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Mountain Pine and part of Hot Spring County.  Further, the Tri-Lakes MPO Policy Board also elected to transfer the MPO's operations to West Central Arkansas Planning and Development District (WCAPDD).  

The Tri-Lakes MPO is located within the headquarters of WCAPDD at 1000 Central Avenue in Hot Springs. Tri-Lakes MPO is the official MPO for the local urbanized area.  Each area of more than 50,000 persons must have a designated MPO to coordinate transportation planning and funding on a regional level.  The MPO is responsible for planning and developing a safe, efficient and affordable transportation system for the region.  The initial Hot Springs Area MPO was formed in 2003 to develop a comprehensive long-range transportation plan for the area.

 All meetings will be held at 10:00 AM at the Tri-Lakes MPO offices located within the WCAPDD headquarters at 1000 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR  71901

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan 

The Tri-Lakes Metropolitan Transportation Plan was adopted by the MPO’s Policy Board on September 10, 2015.  It represents the culmination of a 10 month effort update, revise and incorporate the public’s input into a document that will guide the development of transportation infrastructure in the Hot Springs metropolitan area for the next five years.

Below are PDF versions of the Plan and its Executive Summary.
2040 MTP Executive Summary
2040 MTP (Complete)
 MTP Amendments
         - 2016-4-28 MTP Amendment#1
  - 2017-10-26 MTP Amendment #2

           -2018-6-26 MTP Amendment #3

The following amendments to the 2040 MTP were adopted by the Policy Board on 10/27/17 subject to a 14 day public review period:

MTP Appendix E & F

Tri-Lakes Area Transportation Planning Documents

The following documents were referred by the TLMPO Technical Advisory Committee for adoption by the TLMPO Policy Board pursuant to a 14-day public comment period.  The documents are also available for public review at the Garland Co. Courthouse, Hot Springs City Hall, Garland Co. Library and the Mtn. Pine City Hall.  Comments regarding the draft planning documents may be sent to Study Director, PO Box 6409, Hot Springs, AR  71902-6409 or made via email to  The deadline for comments on the documents is May 23, 2018.

2040 MTP Amendments (5-24-18)
2019 UPWP

2016-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) - PDF
 TIP Amendments
          - 5/26/16 TIP Amendment
         - 10/27/16 TIP Amendment
          - 10/26/17 TIP Amendment

2019-2022 TIP

Public Comment Period June 30 - July 13, 2018

2018 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) - PDF
Public Participation Plan - PDF
2017 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects - PDF
Title VI Program - PDF
TLMPO Bylaws (As amended 10/26/17) - PDF
Hot Springs Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan - PDF
TLMPO Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan - PDF
Minutes TAC 2018.1.30
Minutes TAC 2018.5.8
Minutes TAC 2018.6.26
Minutes TAC 2018.10.2
Minutes Policy Board 2018.2.22
Minutes Policy Board 2018.5.24
Minutes Policy Board 2018.7.19
Minutes Policy Board 2018.10.25

Agenda Policy Board 2018.7.19 
Agenda TAC 2018.10.2
Agenda Policy Board 2018.10.25

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Tri-Lakes MPO
PO BOX 6409
1000 Central Avenue
Hot Springs, AR  71902

Phone: 501-525-7577 x20

Dwayne Pratt, Executive Director
Emmily Tiampati, MPO Director

Notice of Non-Discrimination
The Tri-Lakes Metropolitan Planning Organization (TL-MPO) complies with all civil rights provisions of federal statues and related authorities that prohibit discrimination in programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance.  Therefore, the Tri-Lakes MPO does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, age, national origin, religion or disability, in the admission, access to and treatment in the MPO's programs and activities, as well as the MPO's hiring or employment practices.  Complaints of alleged discrimination and inquiries regarding the MPO's non-discrimination policies may be directed to Study Director, 1000 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR, 71901, (501) 525-7577, (Voice/TTY 711), or the following email address:

This notice is available from the ADA/504/Title VI Coordinator in large print, on audiotape and in Braille.